Why Sector 8 Stocks are Selling Even without a Head Office —On the moon:

You know, when people fly in a big 853 passenger airplane in the sky, they do so because they trust the pilot and his crew. …

By Daniel Igbereyivwe.

Part 1:

All our lives we’ve never really paid attention to the fact that most of our petty giving to one another is called Philanthropy… Asin a Philanthropist.

As a private Nigerian, i like to serve, it feels so good serving.

A time is going to come when people…

SHOCKER: How we started making more than $125= #51,000 when I met a good investment manager.

Ladies and gentlemen, he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of jehovah. Prov 18:22

Who’s is a wife? A wife is a companion, here’s how Google describes her:


SECTOR 8 Global Investor Services (GIS) is a division (not subsidiary) of Sector Plc, set up in February 2021 to process securities trades, safe-keep financial assets and service associated portfolios. We act as Custodian to full range of financial (equity and debt) instruments through a nominee ‘Sector 8 Nominee Limited.’

People will never understand you— God will!

I am Igbereyivwe Daniel Oghenerunor.

It takes me, 6,842 days to realise this. I meditate on this everyday of my life. How stupid I must have been all my life! That’s right. 22 good years to learn and understand that no matter how…


Now that you’re here.

I want to you understand the greatest disturbances a man can face are not from his environment but from within.

Tell an important lie and you’d have a new job added to your work title — an important liar.

Humans naturally tends to…

Sector 8 Plc

We are committed to changing humanity, understanding your basic needs and making them work hard for you.

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